City council voted yesterday not to revisit Tuggs Inc.’s controversial monopoly on food and vending rights on the eastern beaches, including the Boardwalk Pub.

The vote was 22-19, short of the two-thirds required to reopen the matter, despite fears it could set a bad precedent if other businesses that lease city land seek similar deals.

City staff had recommended the concession be put up for bids, but council decided in a late-night vote last month to extend Tuggs’ existing lease for another 20 years.

The extension, opposed by some Beach residents, could lead to others asking for the same privilege, said Coun. Doug Holyday, chair of the audit committee. He has asked the city’s integrity commissioner to review the extension in light of city leasing policies.

“We’ve got a lot of real estate assets out there that are leased out,” he said. “I don’t want this to be the way the city does business. It all has to be done above-board.”

The city’s legal department, however, warned that reopening the deal would risk a lawsuit, even though the city hadn’t yet signed the agreement.