There was a time when people had no choice but to use physical activity, such as cycling, to get to where they want to go. Ward five Coun. Don Iveson, told Edmonton to ‘share the road’ yesterday, reminding the city to keep safe as he brought his enthusiasm for creating a better city for cyclists.

“It is much safer to cycle than people think, there hasn’t been enough public education about sharing the road,” said Iveson.

“Many cities around the world are making it possible to cycle for more trips in the day,” he added.

There were 235 bicycle collisions in 2008, and one of the highest causes was motorists not yielding to cyclists.

“Many drivers don’t know that bikes have the same responsibilities as motor vehicles, and have the same rights,” Iveson added.

Ben Mittelsteadt of Edmonton Transportation said that the warmer weather brings out a higher number of vulnerable road users, like cyclists, so more incidents occur.

Iveson also said that he is trying to get himself and his wife to share one car instead of two.

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