Call it Speaker Cornered.

Sandra Bussin has apologized for calling a local talk radio program where she defended David Miller’s record as mayor and slagged John Tory as a “three-time loser” — but didn’t identify herself by her last name or indicate she is a city councillor.

The episode occurred last Friday when Bussin, who is council Speaker, called CFRB’s Strong Opinions show, hosted by John Tory and Tarek Fatah.

The show was on the air just after Miller made his surprise announcement that he wouldn’t seek re-election next year.

Many callers were critical of the job Miller has done, “spewing poison,” according to Bussin.

The Miller loyalist called Tory — who is seriously mulling a run for mayor, and Fatah, an outspoken activist — to say, among other things, that Miller is the most “brilliant’’ municipal politician “anywhere in the country’’ and complimented Miller for tackling the municipal employees’ controversial sick bank during this summer’s strike.

She was asked several times if she worked for the city.

Her reply: “No, I don’t work for the city.”

She ended the call by calling Tory a “three-time loser,’’ a reference to his loss to Miller in the 2003 election, a provincial election and a provincial by-election.