A city councillor says the solution to Ottawa’s budget woes lies in lobbying the province to raise its sales tax, and give the extra money to cities.


Capital ward councillor Clive Doucet — reacting to Mayor Larry O’Brien’s cost cutting plan yesterday — said Premier Dalton McGuinty should counter the Conservative federal government’s one-per cent GST tax cut in January by raising the PST by one per cent, to generate revenue for the cities.


“I would have taken a total different tack,” Doucet said. “I would have gone after that one per cent of the GST, made an alliance with (Toronto) Mayor (David) Miller, and said to Premier McGuinty, ‘sorry it’s not good enough that you are not going to pass on that one per cent. You’ve got to do it, because we are in dire straits.’”


Doucet said the mayor’s plan to outsource to find cost savings is misdirected because “it’s not an expenditure problem. I know it’s a revenue problem,” and he predicted “war” around the council table during budget deliberations.