Mayor and police chief dismiss call

Call in the army — again!



The latest plea comes from Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, who wants Canadian Forces soldiers commandeered to rid Toronto’s troubled neighbourhoods of gangs.



Mammoliti says the military would be able to swoop in to curb gang violence, like the shootout that erupted in broad daylight this week in the Jane St. and Sheppard Ave. area.

In some areas, residents are afraid to open their doors and talk to police. And police lack the tools to fight gangs, he said, suggesting that gangsters could be deemed terrorists.

"If the feds can justify that (designation), perhaps there could be some law that could take them off the streets."

Mayor David Miller dismissed the suggestion this time, while Police Chief Bill Blair said Mammoliti’s comments did a "disservice" to police and citizens alike.

"I don’t think anybody particularly takes Councillor Mammoliti’s call for the army seriously. I hope not," Miller told reporters yesterday.

mel mocked

  • Former mayor Mel Lastman asked for troops to help clear the streets after a crippling snowstorm in 1999, a move that was mocked and derided across the country.