Seek steps to avoid crime at future Richmond stations

Richmond city councillors are hoping to apply crime control lessons learned at existing SkyTrain stations to Canada Line stations ahead of their completion in 2009.



On Tuesday the Richmond RCMP, in conjunction with the E-Division, released a report, Canada Line Community Security Plan, indicating that crime rises in neighbourhoods where rapid transit stations are put up.


Richmond Coun. Derek Dang said the report backs up concerns raised with the RCMP and TransLink in 2006.

Dang said he wants to look at stops like Surrey Central and Joyce stations, which have had problems with crime, "and anticipate what could happen in Richmond."

He said crime seems to go down when stations are equipped with better visibility, lighting, security and commercial presence.

Ken Hardie, spokesperson for TransLink, said municipalities can take proactive crime-reduction steps by zoning neighbourhoods for businesses that generate positive traffic.


  • Richmond’s new Canada Line stations will be at Bridgeport, Aberdeen, Lansdowne, Richmond Brighouse and YVR. The Canada Line is set to open in November 2009.