Just who is roaming around Toronto City Hall?

Whether it’s pushy lobbyists, “strangers polluting ... the process” or the authors of angry emails, Toronto councillors want to know who’s wandering their halls, especially after receptionists leave for the day.

So they’ve asked staff to look into improving security measures in the second-floor area where their offices are located.

“We’re in a volatile environment,” Michael Thompson (Ward 37, Scarborough Centre) told council last week. “The economy is not well for many. Some of the emails we get to our offices are borderline threatening. I think we need to make sure the environment is protected, not only for city councillors, but for everyone.”

Coun. Norm Kelly (Ward 40, Scarborough-Agincourt) cited security at the nearby CBC building — with a system of passes, turnstiles and doors that strictly controls entry to secure areas. Kelly said it’s much more secure than city hall, which should consider similar measures.