Officials at Calgary’s Mount Royal College have had their eyes peeled for counterfeit parking passes on campus since they uncovered a scheme to create fraudulent passes on an online message board.

An online driving-in-Calgary forum was used to solicit images of Mount Royal parking passes from permit holders in order to make copies, since the college’s 2,300 official permits sold out in early July.

“It’s a situation that’s not unique to either ourselves or any other campus,” says Mount Royal media relations officer Fred Cheney, admitting that this is not the first year campus officials have uncovered schemes to create counterfeit parking permits.

Any students caught using fraudulent parking permits on campus will be reprimanded on non-academic misconduct charges he says, adding that counterfeit passes are easy to identify as official permits have several security measures in place to ensure validity.

The college is planning to build a new parkade that would ease their current parking problem by accommodating another 1,200 vehicles, but construction won’t be completed for two years.

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