A newly married Vancouver couple will save about $1,100 in taxes this year, thanks to almost $20 billion over five years in tax relief announced in yes­terday’s federal budget.

Karen Chan, 29, and Amy Romanas, 35, were married last January and are filing their tax returns together for the first time.

Combined, the couple earns about $100,000 annually.

“I’ve never done it before, so it’s a little, ‘Oh my God,’” said Chan, a human-resources specialist.

“We’re trying to decide whether or not to do it ourselves through software packages or whether we look at getting an accountant.”

Brian Blamey, a certified general accountant and partner with Vancouver-based Galloway Botteselle & Co., said the couple can expect a little more spending money this year.

“The increase in the basic personal exemption and the increase in the tax brackets will save (Romanas) about $580 and (Chan) about $540,” Bla­mey said.

They are benefiting from an increase in the basic personal exemption to $10,320, up from $9,600, as well as the 7.5 per cent increase to the three federal tax brackets.