Chris and Alicia McLachlan immortalized their lucky number on their marriage licence after they said “I do” on the last single-digit date for almost a century.

They say their connection to the number nine is so strong, they waited nine years to tie the knot on 9/9/09.

“We wanted it to mean something — this is really special for us,” Alicia said, standing in Church of the Holy City minutes before the ceremony yesterday afternoon.

While the date is significant for the couple, the triple-nine date isn’t traditionally considered “lucky,” AndNow Center intuitive Hannah Shears said.

“Every year since 2001, people have been trying to attach ‘luck’ to days like this — I can’t wait until 2013 when this is all over,” she said with a laugh. “Really, what nine means in numerology is ‘completion.’”

In numerology, cycles last nine years, Shear said, adding yesterday’s date signifies closure, integrity and wisdom.

Though “just another day,” there’s undeniable and eerie proof something special is in the numbers, Shear said.

Adding the numbers 9 + 9 + 9 equals 27. Adding 2 + 7 equals 9. Also, yesterday was the 252nd day of the year — 2 + 5 + 2=9.

“Every day has numbers and there’s a different energy attached to every day,” she said. “This day will be great for finishing the old and starting the new.”

Though it fell on a Wednesday, couples around the globe flocked to the altar yesterday. In traditional Chinese culture, the number eight is considered lucky, though the Chinese word for nine sounds similar to a word that means “forever.”

“Lucky” or not, today is the first day couples like the McLachlans are officially living life on cloud nine.