Most of us will never see six zeroes in our bank account balance, but for one lucky Fort Saskatchewan couple it’s the new normal.

Lawayne Musselwhite and Marrilyn Hodgkinson were the only winners of Nov. 12’s jackpot worth $22,292,309.80.

The ticket, purchased on a whim at the Station Square Sobeys, was a checkout add-on to a jar of pickles.

Musselwhite owns a stamp and coin store in Northgate, a retirement dream he’s been living for the past year.

When quizzed about their immediate plans for the money, both Musselwhite and Hodgkinson were humble and practical.

“We’re going to do a lot of things, help a lot of family members, and we’re going to head south,” said Musselwhite. “I’ve been living my dream for the last year and this is just going to make it better, a lot better.”

Hodgkinson is just excited for a dishwasher and an ice-dispensing fridge. Both of them plan to stay in Fort Saskatchewan, just maybe not in February.

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