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Natalee Caple shares a piece of wedding cake with her new hubby Jeremy Leipert yesterday.

Some dream of tying the knot on the beach at sunset, others in a beautiful cathedral surrounded by loved ones. Some opt for Vegas, and others would prefer to drop in to the local registry office to get the papers signed.

But Natalee Caple and Jeremy Leipert wanted their marriage to rival the most creative of nuptials.

Yesterday, Caple and Leipert exchanged rings and vows at the Calgary Stampede, before taking a spin on the Ferris wheel together.

Caple said she and her new hubby had a special reason for wanting to marry on the midway.

“We started dating and I was supposed to leave and go to Toronto. Jeremy was supposed to go off to Japan. He was showing me around Calgary and we came to the Stampede. We were at the Ferris wheel and he said you should move in with me, and now we have one-year-old twins,” said Caple.

Leipert said their friends and family were supportive of their choice to marry at the Stampede, and thought the quirky idea sounded fun.

“I wanted to do it because of the adventure part, it was something that was exciting — we talked to a lot of people after inviting them out and they said they wouldn’t miss it,” said Leipert.

Caple was one of 10 finalists who competed for the opportunity to get hitched at this year’s Stampede, and the public chose the pair by voting on the North American Midway Entertainment website.

Caple and Leipert received more than 177,000 votes. Since its inception three years ago, Marriage on the Midway has become a popular contest for couples to enter.

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