Flowers have begun to bloom with the arrival of spring, and adults interested in gardening have a variety of courses they can take at botanical gardens around the Lower Mainland.

Gardening enthusiasts or professional landscapers looking to learn more about gardening can do so with these classes, which offer introductory as well as advanced-level courses.

Many of the classes available cater to people who are keen on learning more about gardening, but might not know where to find the information.

“Most people that come to us are already quite interested and already have a little bit of knowledge just from experimenting in their own gardens, but we don’t require anybody to have any specific knowledge beforehand,” said Ingrid Hoff, horticulture manager at the UBC Botanical Garden.

More advanced courses offered at the UBC Botanical Garden include hands-on classes that teach pruning techniques and plant grafting, which is the technique of fusing together two different plants.

“A lot of garden centres offer a lot of great workshops but they’re very simple,” said Hoff. “They’re very good places for people to start, but we have classes that offer a little bit more here.”

The range of classes available would also interest not only amateur and professional gardeners, but also those who just want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver also offers similar courses, many of which are filling up fast, according to education director Gillian Drake.

“A lot of our garden design classes are quite popular,” said Drake. “(Class sizes) are looking pretty good so far.”

Members of VanDusen can register for courses at a reduced rate, and those who attend the class gain admission for the day.

While many courses take place in the classroom, classes like macro photography, pilates and watercolour painting are held outside in the garden, allowing students to experience the beauty of the plants and flowers while learning.

“We’re trying to do more and more art and more using the garden for the art,” said Drake. “There’s not a more inspirational classroom in the city.”

More information about adult gardening courses can be found at and