You’ve made the decision, you’re going green, so what next? Implementing a green lifestyle may sound easy, but there is a world of knowledge you have to sift through in order to ensure you are on the right track.

Toronto and Region Conservation offers renewable energy workshops, which are perfect for adults looking to increase their understanding of green energy.

Workshops range in price from $75 to $175 and take place at the Kortright Centre, an environmental education centre located inside the Humber River Valley 10 minutes north of Toronto. Course topics are separated into two categories, green energy and green home.


Subjects include:

  • Green Energy Introductory Seminar: This workshop offers the basics on renewable energy

  • Wind Energy Level 2: Helps participants select and purchase wind energy systems.

  • Solar hot water: An examination of various year-round and seasonal hot water systems, this course helps participants who are considering purchasing a solar hot water system.

  • Green Home Introductory Seminar: The recommended pre-requisite for all green home workshops, this seminar offers practical information on how to make a home energy efficient.

  • Efficient Heating Systems Level 2: An examination of high-efficiency systems for water and space heating.

Other courses include Green Building Materials, Off-Grid Photovoltaic Systems, and Passive Solar Design.

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