Accused in her husband’s murder, an “emotionless” Teresa Craig told police she didn’t want to call a lawyer after a butcher knife believed to be stained with blood was found in her neighbour’s driveway.
On the second day of the first-degree murder trial, Ottawa police officers testified they found a butcher knife on the driveway of a neighbour’s home, where Craig ran for help after she allegedly stabbed her husband.
Earlier this week, the jury heard that on March 30, 2006, Craig, 51, allegedly stabbed Jack Craig multiple times while he slept in the family’s RV. He died early the next morning.
When Ottawa Police Const. Mark Lystiuk arrived at 7751 Fairhurst Dr. at 3:33 a.m. “what drew my attention was a large butcher-style knife” lying between the van and the light post, he said.
Forensic Identification Unit Const. Shawn McDonald photographed and seized the knife, which he described as a Henckels knife with a 10-inch-long blade and a five-inch-long yellow plastic handle.
“There was red staining on it which appeared to me to be blood,” he said. “You can see the blood right up to the hilt.”
Craig refused her right to call a lawyer, said arresting officer Const. Brian Dodds. Dodds also noted he did not see any blood on the accused.
Daniel Levesque, a special constable for the Ottawa police on the morning of Craig’s arrest, said Craig “appeared very cold, not talkative, silent,” as she was escorted to her cell.
“What do you mean by cold?” asked assistant Crown attorney Tim Wightman.
“Without emotion,” Levesque said.
The trial continues.

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