Tyler Sampson was attempting to come to the aid of his injured friend, Adam Eisenhauer, when he was stabbed at least 30 times, a Halifax courtroom heard yesterday.

Details of the gruesome double murder of Eisenhauer, 26, and Sampson, 25, were revealed for the first time at a sentencing hearing for Michael Joseph Mitchelmore, who pleaded guilty to the killings and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 13 years.

Crown attorney Darrell Martin said Mitchelmore had been at the Eisenhauer residence on Tanner Frederick Road the night of Aug. 13, and was extremely high on cocaine. He said Mitchelmore, who lives nearby on St. Margaret’s Bay Rd., left the house but then called Eisenhauer and said he was coming back to the residence to trade marijuana for cocaine.


Forensic evidence suggests Eisenhauer was killed in his bedroom, and was stabbed three times in the heart, neck and abdomen, said Martin.

Blood splatter on the stairwell, kitchen walls, and lawn suggested Sampson heard what was happening downstairs and came to assist, Martin added.

The crown said the intent behind the murder hasn’t been determined.

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