Even after he was severely wounded, 26-year-old Charbel Chaar fought for his life.

At the trial for six men accused in his death, Ontario Superior Court Justice Hugh McLean and a 12-person jury heard yesterday that even while Chaar suffered heavy blood loss after being stabbed and beaten inside the Midway Family Fun Park on the afternoon of Sept. 4, 2003, he was trying to get up.

On the witness stand yesterday, Ottawa police Sgt. Raymond Sabourin said Chaar was trying to get to his feet. Sabourin said he had to grab the man by his wrists and hold him down.

Sabourin, who described Chaar as a “large man” and “very strong,” said he didn’t notice anything strange about Chaar’s abdomen until paramedics told him to apply pressure there.
That was when he noticed the blood.

Sabourin told the court that he believed he was focused on Chaar’s fingers, three of which were nearly severed on his right hand.

On Sept. 4, police were called to the facility at St. Laurent Boulevard, where they found Chaar bleeding from multiple wounds.

They arrested six men at the scene.

Tawab Dadshani, 33, Wahab Dadshani, 31, Tarik Echrif, 28, Fahim Payman, 30, Mohamed Abed, 25, and Shaun Hulbert, 25, have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

By the time Chaar arrived at the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital, he had no vital signs.

Witness Dr. Kenneth Farion, who was working at the emergency department that afternoon, said Chaar suffered a laceration to the back of his head, several lacerations to his arms, a bruise to the chest area, a large wound to his upper abdomen and that his bowels were spilling out of his upper abdomen.

The trial continues.

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