Nightclub owner to plead case April 15 for downtown move


The final showdown in Cowboys nightclub’s attempt at cracking back into Calgary’s downtown scene is expected in April.



The decision to delay yesterday’s appeal to April 15 came after Eau Claire’s community association president Bob Lang came down with an illness and couldn’t appear before the city’s sub-division and development appeal board.


Paul Vickers, president of Penny Lane Entertainment, which owns Cowboys, was far from pleased that the appeal process has been delayed this long.

He said he made it clear July 17 that his intention was to move to the Eau Claire location, but said he’s happy they’ve reached a date that is set in stone.

“I’m happy he said no more delays,” Vickers told Metro “They can’t play anymore games, this is a drop dead date we have to get heard and go through it.

“I don’t like delays. It’s a tactic for them to make it so I can’t get through Stampede and can’t get open for Stampede.”

Concerns over noise, public intoxication, parking availability and general riff-raff showing up to the 900-person club has dogged Vickers’ attempts at securing the location in close proximity to residential areas since his announcement at the completion of last year’s Calgary Stampede.

Ward 7 Alderman Druh Farrell said it’s the club’s history, more than anything, which has sparked concern amongst city police and residents over its potential new digs at 5 St and 4 Ave SW.

“It’s a large format bar with an extensive history of some pretty severe problems,” she said. “Vitality is important for the downtown but we need to understand what that means. It shouldn’t mean that you have to close windows and doors from what’s going on in the street and bunker yourself in.”

Farrell agreed that the downtown area should have a draw and that the city wants people to frequent the downtown, but the “party central” mentality is “not what we want.”


  • The appeal will be heard April 15, though an extra day, April 18, has also been set aside to hear arguments on both sides.