A self-described crack addict testified yesterday she has seen accused double killer Thomas Svekla hanging out with one of his victims on a couple of occasions in High Level.
Tracy Bolton, who admitted she met Thomas Svekla at a High Level drug treatment centre, says she drove Theresa Innes about eight times in her cab to a hotel for “dates.”
“Being a street kid, (dates) meant doing sexual favours,” said Bolton, who spoke very quietly and took her teeth out to testify. “She told me she had been hooking for a while.”
Svekla is being tried on two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of Rachel Quinney, 19, and Innes.
Bolton said Svekla and Innes were in her cab on two occasions. Once they got together to get drugs and another time to get alcohol.
“They had a six-pack and they were looking for someone to pitch in for half a gram of crack. Half a gram isn’t worth the effort,” said Bolton before letting out a laugh.
“He referred to her as they were boyfriend and girlfriend. I was surprised to see her, because he really doesn’t like hookers.”
Another witness, a former landlord of Svekla’s, said he once noticed Innes trying to get into the accused killer’s apartment in High Level.
The Crown believes Innes was killed in the northern Alberta town before her body was taken to Fort Saskatchewan.
“I was walking out from my apartment (next to Svekla’s) and I saw that person was coming into his door,” said Jozef Lis, after identifying a photo of Innes during his testimony. Lis admitted he only saw the side of her face.
Lis, along with his wife, also testified there was blood found in Svekla’s apartment three days before the accused killer moved out in February 2006.
The trail continues.

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