House and Home Shouldn’t a home office be homey? Give that space a more personal touch with crafts that cater to function while providing reminders of family and friends.

This craft, developed by the crafts editor at, is easy on the pocketbook and fast — we wouldn’t want to distract you from work for too long.

Magnetic Message Board

Note: Making this extra large is nice, for poetry, inspirational quotes and other things that encourage creativity and help get you through the workday.

• Sheet metal, whatever size fits your need, available at home-supply stores;

• Drill press with metal bit (Don’t have one? Find a neighbour);

• 4 metal washers;

• Glue, such as Gorilla Glue or a glue gun with glue stick;

• High-quality, wide ribbon, such as velvet or silk (to hold a potentially heavy message board); stylish alternative: copper wire;

• Fun, decorative magnets.


• 1. Drill two holes at the upper corners of the sheet metal, at least an inch or more from the top and several inches in from each side. The holes need to be large enough to thread the ribbon through;

• 2. Glue a washer on the front and back of each hole. These will cover any sharp edges or blemishes created by the drilling;

• 3. Thread the ribbon through the holes, securing it so that it can hold the weight of the message board. (You might thread the ribbon across the front of the board, loop it back on itself on both ends, then bring it up to tie a bow at the top);

• 4. The fun part: Add magnets, family photos, assorted inspirational mementoes and any important dates or “to do” lists.

Tip: To clean minor blemishes on the sheet metal, rub it with vegetable oil and fine steel wool. Remove all traces of the oil by rubbing with a cotton towel.

Adapted from a craft created by H. Camille Smith, Crafts Editor, and

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