A woman managed to breach Parliament Hill security and nearly drive her BMW onto the steps of Centre Block around noon on Tuesday, police reported yesterday.


According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. J.J. Hainey, the woman drove the car onto the grounds of Parliament Hill through the Metcalfe Street entrance, which is a reserved access for vehicles and buses carrying Members of Parliament and Senators onto the Hill.


The RCMP officer posted at the entrance ordered her to stop, but she disregarded the instructions, said Hainey, and proceeded to drive toward Parliament.


Security guards managed to stop the woman just as it appeared she was going to drive down the steps below the Peace Tower.

She was apprehended and detained by RCMP officers.

“There was absolutely no threat to the security people around the area,” said Hainey. “She appeared disoriented and paramedics were called to the scene. The individual was taken to the hospital.”