TTC chair Adam Giambrone is not overly concerned about safety after the second streetcar accident in 10 days, calling them “very minor, fender bender-type affairs” — and he says riders shouldn’t be worried either.

“Unfortunately these things happen from time to time,” Giambrone said yesterday. “We’ve had two back to back ... So far we haven’t seen any discernable pattern.”

Four people were taken to hospital on Saturday after a westbound streetcar stopped on The Queensway at Colborne Lodge Drive, was rear-ended by another streetcar at around 6 p.m.


On June 11, two streetcars collided at Bay and Dundas streets shortly before 6 a.m., sending seven people — including a TTC driver — to hospital.

“All these cases usually come down to driver error,” said Giambrone. Infrastructure is not to blame, he added.

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