Being kind to the environment doesn’t stop with remembering to put our pop cans in the recycling bin. Often our work habits are brimming with ways we can become more environmentally conscious. This checklist can help reduce your office’s environmental impact and costs:

Paper Usage

  • Edit documents on-screen rather than printing unnecessary draft copies.

  • Produce only double-sided documents.

  • Don’t print e-mail, and discourage others as well by adding a footer to your email template that says: “Do You Need to Print this Email?”

  • Buy recycled paper and paper based products.



  • Turn off all lights, computers and non-essential equipment when not in use.

  • Recycle printer cartridges and other office consumables.

  • Recycle office waste such as drinks cans, plastic cups and fluorescent tubes.


  • Encourage drinking tap water in place of bottled.

  • Encourage employees to bring their lunch in reusable containers instead of plastic bags.

  • Use reusable cups, plates and cutlery in your lunch room and for meetings and other events.


  • Bike, walk, take public transportation or carpool to work.

  • Use videoconferencing and conference calls instead of travel when possible.

  • Speak to your office administrator or boss about adopting more sustainable practices at work. Every little bit helps.

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