Adding a putting green to your backyard is a great way to provide recreation for your family and friends — and improve your own golf game.

Creating this putting green is just one of many projects landscape contractor Ahmed Hassan has completed in Yard Crashers. In each episode, he goes home with an unsuspecting home improvement store shopper to transform their backyard.

Prepare the area

Look for an area that you want to put the putting green.

It’s a good idea to look for somewhere with a natural hill sloping to a flat area, or a space where you can avoid simple straight lines.

Build a wall

To prevent soil from eroding, you need to build a wall around your desired area.

It is recommended that you use moss rock (also known as field stone), because its rough texture ensures it stays in place once positioned.

Wearing gloves, dig down and place the rocks together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Finish the wall by packing dirt into the stones to ensure the rocks are firmly in place.

Integrate the green

Use plants of various colours, textures and heights along with rocks of various sizes around the perimeter of your putting green in order to keep it looking natural with your backyard surroundings.

Lay the base

In order to avoid mowing, fertilizing or irrigating your green, use a synthetic turf, which is available in specialty golf stores.

Use a utility knife to cut your desired shape, and create the holes. Special cups will be inserted into the ground corresponding with the holes so you can retrieve your golf ball.

To keep the turf from matting, spread a fine sand over the surface and sweep with a stiff broom, repeating until only one-inch of turf is left above the surface. This will also ensure that balls travel straight.

The next step is to take a swing and try out your very own putting green!

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