There may be one upside to the challenging economic conditions of the past few years: Creative teams are stronger now than before the recession.

Sixty-one per cent of advertising and marketing executives polled said the calibre of their firms’ creative talent is higher than it was three years ago. According to this Creative Group study, only six per cent felt the level of talent within their firm had declined.

“Businesses hold on to their best people, even in a difficult economy. But many companies are also taking the opportunity to enhance the overall skills of their teams by upgrading their talent bench,” said Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group. “High unemployment levels have left many talented creative professionals in search of jobs.”


Farrugia added that retaining top creative talent will become more of a concern as the economy gains momentum.

“Many employees are biding their time, waiting for new opportunities to open as the recovery takes hold,” she said. “It’s important to identify key staff members now and make sure these workers know they are appreciated and that there is a career path for them within the organization.”

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