Creativity In a competitive job market, every candidate wants to get noticed — and some will go to great lengths. In a recent survey, OfficeTeam asked executives to recount the most unusual thing they have seen or heard an applicant do to stand out from the crowd. Following are some of their responses:

• “I remember a job candidate bringing in milk and cookies.”

• “Singing. It’s something you don’t forget.”

• “I remember someone had his resumé delivered in a pizza box.”

• “Someone stood outside our building from nine to five every day for a month until he was hired. It worked.”

• “Someone wrote a press release announcing she had been hired and used it as her cover letter.”

But some of the the following approachesmay be seen as a sign of initiative by some employers and desperation by others.

• “Job applicants have been known to stand outside of major corporations with signs.”

• “I’ve seen job candidates pay for billboards to get an employer’s attention.”

Sometimes the package or format can leave more of an impression:

• “I received a resumé rolled up inside a toy truck.”

• “Someone sent us a baby shoe with a resumé wrapped around it. He said he wanted to ‘get his foot in the door.’ He did not get the job, but it got my attention.”

• “A woman dropped off a balloon with her resumé.”

• “Once we received a resumé rolled in a bottle.”

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