Marry Me, Halifax wedding planner Mahoganey Marcial says planning weddings and corporate events is her calling.

“I love the creativity that comes with the overall planning of the day — taking someone’s vision and turning it into reality,” she said. “I also enjoy the personal aspect to planning a wedding. It allows you to truly get to know your client and be able to make recommendations that reflect the couple.”

And she’s got the planning part down to a science.

“When it comes to weddings, I’m one of only (a few) wedding consultants in the city that have actually trained to become wedding consultants. And as an event planner, I have a state-of-the-art system that will help manage tasks and timelines. I also have a high level of registration software that’s not available everywhere — I can put your event online, help you generate tickets, and I also have the capabilities to generate e-mails to your potential guests and track who opens what, who checks what, who’s decided to look for more information, and who decides to register for your event.”

It’s a lot to keep track of. But Marcial says having excellent organizational skills and great patience are crucial to this line of work.

“You have to have major patience, and great self-control. It doesn’t matter what goes wrong – you fix it, and keep things on schedule,” she said.

Opened in 2004, Event Specialists is a comprehensive event-management company. For more information, visit or call 902-404-3469.

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