The university’s student union is outraged at a decision the institution will no longer allow students to pay their fees with credit cards.



The University of Calgary made the announcement on Tuesday, citing high credit card fees costing the school almost $1 million a year.



Student union president Julie Bogle said there wasn’t enough notice given to students who will now have to scramble to find financial resources elsewhere beginning July 1.

"The way the university has implemented this change in policy is unacceptable. Their approach to this change in policy completely disregards the negative impact such a change will have on students," Bogle said.

U of C vice-president of finance Mike McAdam told Metro he understands there may be some inconvenience for students, but the money the university will save from credit card costs will be re-directed into scholarships.

"We feel like it is a good trade," McAdam added.

First-year grad student Kayla Viegas agrees the move will be inconvenient, but said if the school uses the money for the students’ benefit, she understands.

"I pay with credit but I could use a cheque in the future. I don’t mind if the money is going back to students in some way," Viegas told Metro.

But second-year student Peter Harrison said the change will be inconvenient. "Now I will have to wait in a long lineup … I see it as a huge hassle."