Branches and broken trees are still hanging around more than a week after hurricane Earl swept through HRM.

“We’re working our way through the peninsula as well as Dartmouth and Cole Harbour who have had some challenges,” Mayor Peter Kelly said yesterday.

“Most of the material was moved off the main thoroughfares to make sure people can get by on the roads and sidewalks.”

Tree fall and broken branches came down by the tons, he said.

“In areas like Hydrostone, trees have actually toppled over,” Kelly stated.

“It will take some time before it gets back to normal, but it’s out of harm’s way for the most part.”

Any broken trees or branches fallen on private land are the responsibility of the homeowner — unless the downed tree belongs to the municipality.

The good news is the branches aren’t considered any more of a fire hazard than the usual fall foliage which starts floating to the ground this time of year, said Kevin Thomas with the Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Service.

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