Scientists can identify children as young as 3 years old who are likely to turn into criminals, alcoholics or single parents, researchers said yesterday.

American, British and New Zealand researchers claim that kids with low self-control as early as age 3 would grow up with a higher likelihood of breaking the law and having relationship and money problems.

They were also more likely to have a range of health problems including obesity, high blood pressure, breathing problems and sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, such kids were found to be more likely to smoke, drink heavily and one day become single parents.

Researchers used two large-scale studies in which children completed a range of tests and interviews.

“Mastering self-control and managing impulses are some of the earliest demands that society places on children,” said Dr. Terrie Moffit of King’s College, London and Duke University. “Our study shows for the first time that willpower as a child really does influence your chances of a healthy and wealthy adulthood.”