The RCMP is assessing 35,000 pages of documents in an alleged mortgage fraud in Calgary before it decides if criminal charges are warranted.

A CBC story yesterday cited sources as saying the Bank of Montreal was told by authorities they were not pursuing the case, but RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Patrick Webb said that is false.

“We are still assessing thousands of pages of documents and we won’t know until we are done,” Webb said.

“But to say that we have decided not to pursue the case is false.”

Webb said the RCMP have had thousands of pages in documents handed over to them in only the last two weeks and expect more to come.

“From our point of view we are still assessing, but I would have to bet that this may proceed into a criminal investigation based on what we have seen so far,” Webb said.

Kevin Brookwell, spokesperson for the Calgary police, said they are working with the RCMP on the investigation.

“It’s a very complex case and we will go through all of the documents and proceed accordingly if there is a criminal element to it,” Brookwell said.

The Bank of Montreal has filed a massive lawsuit accusing hundreds of Albertans — including Tory MP Devinder Shory — of an alleged $70-million mortgage scheme.

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