The opposition parties accused the Liberal government of incompetence yesterday after eHealth Ontario named its third chief executive officer in as many months, with a fourth to be appointed before the end of this year.

The government can play musical chairs with the CEOs all it wants, but the bottom line is Health Minister David Caplan should be fired, said Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.

“It’s either incompetence or neglect, neither of which is excusable when it comes to scarce health dollars,” said Hudak. “We need a new minister to come in there and clean up this mess.”

The New Democrats repeated their call for Caplan’s resignation, and said rotating through CEOs only creates uncertainty at eHealth and detracts from its mandate to develop electronic health records.

Former eHealth CEO Sarah Kramer and former board chair Dr. Alan Hudson both resigned in June after the Conservatives and New Democrats complained the agency gave out $5 million in untendered contracts to consulting companies.

Documents released by the government last week showed the value of those untendered contracts was closer to $16 million, with the biggest ones going to companies the opposition parties say have ties to the Liberal government.