The union representing more than 150 HRM crossing guards has requested a meeting with Transportation Minister Bill Estabrooks to discuss concerns they have over speeding in school zones.

CUPE Local 4814 spokeswoman Glenna Casavechia said in a release issued yesterday guards regularly see excessive speed in school zones and people not stopping at crosswalks.

Specific crosswalks, including those located on Lacewood Drive and Caldwell Road are, according to the release, “the worst school crossings for trying to get children across the street safely.”

“We need to have stiffer fines for these infractions,” Casavechia said, feeling something in the neighbourhood of $1,000 should get drivers’ attention.

The issue is something Casavechia said Estabrooks needs to look at, with the party bringing in legislative changes to ensure kids are safe when crossing streets to-and-from school.