The point at which a woman’s body was moved is a key to the case against Thomas Svekla, court heard as final arguments got underway in the four-month trial yesterday.

The accused prostitute killer showed up at court yesterday with a shaved head and appeared emotionless as Crown Prosecutor Ashley Finlayson argued his guilt.

Of all the facts the crown raised yesterday, the point when Svekla transported the body of Theresa Innes was raised as key evidence presented to Justice Sterling Sanderman, notably Svekla’s reaction upon being arrested for her murder.


“Who would react in this fashion,” the crown asked, pointing out Svekla’s calm demeanor. “I can’t think of anyone, unless you’ve done it before and this is just another day at the office.”

The fact that Svekla held on to the body that he moved from High Level to Fort Saskatchewan in 2006, the crown argued, meant he had greater purpose for it than to just dispose of it, specifically to place it in a location similar to where the body of Rachel Quinney was found.

“He wasn’t in a rush, because he was going to do something more than bury her. The eventual outcome would have been that the two were identical. He wanted to bury her in a location that was important to him and not to anyone else … certainly that would be self gratification.”

The judge said that though Svekla’s story is full of holes, he questioned what could be believed as truth, as Svekla was coming down from a crack binge when interviewed by police.

“When a guy that’s high on crack makes a comment, what am I to make of it?” Sanderman asked. “He’s a liar and a BS’er, all these things I agree to 100 per cent. He likes to live an outlaw life and tell people what a bad ass he is, but if whether or not it’s true, I don’t know.”

Svekla’s defence is set to wrap up its case today.

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