TORONTO — Crown prosecutors say a courtroom apology from the girl convicted of the first-degree murder of a Toronto teen falls well short of accepting responsibility.

The 17-year-old girl, known as M.T., told court today she is sorry and takes full responsibility “for her part” in the death of Stefanie Rengel.

Prosecutors successfully argued that M.T. used sexual blackmail against her boyfriend to get him to kill the 14-year old, who was stabbed six times and left to die on an east-end Toronto sidewalk on New Year’s Day 2008.


The now 19-year-old man, known only as D.B., pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

M.T., who was found guilty by a jury, says she’s sorry for “what I have said and done to contribute” to Rengel’s death and wishes she could go back in time and change her words.

The Crown says M.T.’s statement shows she hasn’t taken responsibility for the first-degree murder and has not changed.

The Crown wants M.T. sentenced as an adult, meaning she would face automatic life in imprison with no chance of parole for five to seven years. The defence wants a youth sentence of 10 years in custody — six served in jail and four served in the community under supervision.

During the trial, the Crown entered into evidence more than 30,000 pages of instant messaging transcripts between the girl and her boyfriend, including conversations apparently detailing their plans for Rengel.

In one chilling instant-message exchange in October 2007, the accused appeared to suggest to her boyfriend she wanted Rengel dead.

The boyfriend, who once dated Rengel, writes: “What about Stef, according to transcripts filed with the court.”

“Bang, bang, she replies.”

He then writes: “I need a bang bang first ... I wanna bang you.”

She writes: “I want her dead ... lol we’ve been through this ... If it takes more than a week then we’re just going to be friends.”

D.B.’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for September.

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