There have been countless renditions of The Last Supper — the iconic biblical scene of Jesus’ last days as narrated in the Gospel of John — since the first mural was created by Leonardo da Vinci in 15th century Milan.

But a collective of Toronto artists, designers, cubists and framers at Toronto-based art studio Cube Works have recreated the image in such a unique way, it has been inducted into the Guinness World Records.

Nick Hall, a graphic designer and one of half-dozen people who collaborated on the large-scale art piece using nothing other than Rubik’s Cubes, says their Last Supper piece has become the largest piece of Rubik’s Cube art in the world.

“We broke the 4,000-cube mark by using 4,050 cubes,” he said. Measuring more than 17 feet in length and eight-and-a-half feet tall, it’s a mammoth undertaking that Cube Works has been working on since the beginning of the summer.

The company, still in its infancy, has until now created smaller-scale Rubik’s Cube pieces that have been featured in various places around the city, including the Distillery District at the recent Nuit Blanche.

“Once we create a design, we create a map for that design and these cubers, who are some of the world’s fastest Rubik’s Cube solvers, actually figure out these pieces cube by cube,” said Hall. “We then glue them together, and what we’re left with is a large-scale image of an iconic work of art, using only the six colours of the cube.”

The Last Supper has already been sold for an undisclosed amount to a client living in Florida.
“He’s a big fan of the stuff we do,” said Hall.

“We’re going to pack it up and send it down to him in a few weeks and it’s going to be installed in his home.”

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