Ottawa’s mayoral race has one less candidate, but after stating earlier this year that he didn’t want to seek re-election in Bay Ward, Alex Cullen is back, and this time, he said, to take on Terry Kilrea, who is also seeking a seat on council.

There are three reasons for his wanting to seek re-election in the ward, said Cullen at a press conference yesterday.

“The first is major issues facing the city of Ottawa. The rapid transit plan is important for the city’s future and I want to make sure the new city council follows through. And I can do this effectively as a member of council.”

There are also a number of community issues in Bay Ward he wants to follow through, he said.
But the major reason he’s throwing his hat back into the ring “is the candidacy of Terry Kilrea,” Cullen said.

“I believe that Mr. Kilrea’s values are inappropriate to Bay Ward ... our views are diametrically opposed.

“I’m running here in this ward because I care for this ward, because there are issues, and because I want to make sure there’s the right representation.”

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