Holy #%$@!!!

Damn, that feels better already.

And that’s just what British scientists would expect, saying they’ve learned cussing may be good for you.
Their study, Swearing As A Response To Pain, is published in August’s Neuro

Report, a journal “for rapid communication of neuroscience research.” The report by researchers at England’s Keele University found volunteers withstood pain longer when they resorted to distasteful invectives. So, just let loose when the pain comes.

Dr. Richard Stephens, who led the research, said he got the idea for the study after watching his wife give birth to their daughter, spilling a slew of swear words as she pushed and pushed and pushed.

While stubbing your toe can invoke an unfettered stream of profane platitudes, it may also be an inherited guttural response from our hairy-backed ancestors when faced with fearsome predators.

Stephens said that may explain why swearing is still in vogue around the world.

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