Most businesses live by this mantra: A happy customer is a repeat customer. Part of providing superior service is how you communicate with clients.

This means responding to their inquiries quickly and in their preferred communications medium, whether that be in-person, or by phone, e-mail or instant messaging. Here are three ways technology can help you get closer to your customers:

1. Silence isn’t golden:

When it comes to responding to customers, the faster, the better. But this is not always possible when employees need to source a colleague or additional information to answer a customer inquiry. Tools like instant messaging give staff access to a real-time list of colleagues, so they can spend less time tracking down available experts and answer customers faster and easier.

2. Handle more requests in less time:

Integrating all tools, including e-mail, voicemail, instant messaging and mobile devices so they act as one eliminates the need to check multiple mailboxes, which increases employee productivity by up to 20 per cent. This means staff can serve more customers faster.

3. Always be available:

Integrating all communications tools onto one device, like a smartphone or laptop, allows staff to be reachable at all times. For example, linking voicemail to e-mail allows workers to access voice messages through their inbox by audio file or a text-based format.

This allows employees to spend less time calling into their voicemail from a remote location, or worse, missing the message entirely.

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