The government should stop pension payments to prisoners such as serial killer Clifford Olson, a Vancouver-based victims’ rights groups says.

Olson, known as the Beast of B.C. for killing two children and nine youths in the early 1980s, is among those collecting up to $14,000 a year after hitting age 65.

David Toner, president of Families Against Crime Trauma (FACT), said he’s “disgusted” and that criminals are getting better treatment than victims. Toner’s son was murdered in 2005.

“Victims’ service funding is one of the lowest priorities in the justice program,” he said. “It sees less money than all the other programs and issues.”

Inmates can receive up to $1,169 a month between Old Age Security pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement, according to FACT.

“We’re probably talking a few million bucks a year (in inmate pensions) that could go to victims’ service programs (instead),” Toner said.

“What does an inmate spend that on? Cigarettes? Prisoners shouldn’t benefit in any way while they’re incarcerated, they’re supposed to be serving their time and paying a debt to society.”