Report will be heard this morning

After promising not to slash the number of rank-and-file officers, the police department has little room to manoeuvre to meet the city’s budget cutback request, Toronto Police Services Board chair Alok Mukherjee says.


This morning, the board is holding a special meeting at headquarters to hear the force’s bean counters report on where “cost containment” measures can be found, Mukherjee said, adding he was making a distinction between that and “cutting.”


“I think what the city is asking is probably significantly more than what we can do. But I just have to see what the staff have to tell us,” he said.


“It seems like a very large budget, at $785 million, but when you take into account that 93 per cent of the budget is strictly salaries and benefits, that doesn’t give us a lot of additional expenditures to look at.”


Spending cuts

  • City manager Shirley Hoy has asked emergency services, which includes fire, ambulance and police, to make $25 million to $30 million in cuts in light of the city’s financial problems. That means about $10 million less police spending