Gadgets are generally made from non-earth friendly plastics and other materials. Here are some made with the environment in mind.

Funky Flexy
Remember the Slinky? Well this is the Flexy, the same toy just made from recycled, biodegradable cardboard.

So Sol
Designer Shin Azumi loved the sun so much, he decided to make it the main feature of his watch, the “Sol.” The watch is powered using solar cell technology and the unique aspect is that this is featured on the face.

Solar Ball Light
The Solar ball light is an eco friendly lamp design that uses the power of the sun to give out its glow.

Mug Tunes
Ever wondered what to do with a mug after the handle broke? Japanese designer Masato Tokuno has the answer- make speakers out of them. His ceramic mug fits an iPod.

Lili the webcam & Oscar the USB
One of the few technology companies to show off their fair trade credentials, United Peppers gadgets are made form Kapok, cotton, cardboard and Mekong sand; all natural products with a small energy footprint, the USB and webcam holders are perfect desk gadgets.

Picking petals
Rainy days are about to get sunny thanks to the flower shaped funnel “Petal Drop,” made from 100 per cent recycled HDPE plastic. Designed to fit on a plastic bottle screw top in order to collect rainwater as it falls, the petal drop will allow you to use recycled water to then use on your thirsty garden plants, wash down dirty surfaces or give your pet a bath. The material is light, so the best thing is to place it down with heavy pebbles.

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