When Jessica Shyba adopts a 7 week old puppy from the shelter, she had absolutely no idea the new pet and her son would become the best of friends.

For the first two days, the new puppy Theo had a difficult time adjusting to to his new environment and sleeping in a crate at night. Each night he whined and that led to sleepless nights for her family. On the third day living with his new family, Theo fell asleep next to her toddler Beau, and from that point on, the inseparable bond began.

Like clockwork, whenever it was time for Beau to take a nap, Theo was right there to snuggle with him. Jessica describes the new companionship as “the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.”

When you look at these photos, there is no denying these two have built one of the strongest friendships ever.


To learn more about Jessica’s adventures of being a mom (and pet owner), follow her blog, Momma's Gone City.

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