You might think that doing that home renovation project yourself is the way to go: You’ll certainly save cash, and after all, it doesn’t look that hard, does it?

But there are dangers to cutting corners, says Warren Kuchta, national installation merchant at Home Depot. Your job may be harder than it looks, and if you don’t have the time, knowledge or experience needed to properly renovate, you could be costing yourself more money and time in the long run.

“You might think it’s all really easy, but if you really want it to look right, you have to had done it a lot before,” he says.

Among the most common projects people do themselves — and often poorly — Kuchta says, are floorings, kitchen renovations, plumbing and electricity, particularly dangerous work for those who don’t have a firm grasp of what to do. He adds there’s also a legal issue: Unless you’re in the business, you probably won’t know how to draft and submit plans in order to obtain building permits.

Beyond the logistics of DIY, hiring someone in the know frees you up to enjoy your summer, Kuchta says, and not spend it working on a project you won’t enjoy in the peak season.

“It’s not only about whether or not it’s easy to do, it’s about whether or not you have the time to do it. What is your time worth? Is it worth hiring somebody who you know is going to do it right no matter what and you’re going to be satisfied so you can enjoy it sooner, or are you really going to struggle with it for the next few months?”