Cycling has enormous physical benefits. In a one-hour ride, you can work on strength and endurance, aerobic capacity, balance, and, depending on how many car doors you manage to dodge, agility.

Recent research shows that exercising can increase brainpower by prompting brain cells to multiply, strengthening their connections, and boosting their resilience against damage and disease.

Exercise-generated brainpower is good for the soul. Cycling in nature awakens our city-dulled senses. We become philosophical and ponder the universal questions: “Is that what fresh air smells like?” or “If I’m only on two wheels, why am I not in the ditch?” Smells may awaken long-lost memories that can add fuel to thought. Bird sounds spark the development of more thought. On a bicycle you can experience every pothole on the trail and every daisy by the roadside. All you have to do is pedal.