B.C. needs uniform cycling standards to increase biking in the province, said a Vancouver city councillor.

Geoff Meggs wants the province to create a cycling development program to tackle issues like cyclist/driver education, harmonized infrastructure standards and the development of eco-tourism cycling routes.

“Right now, different cities are using different standards for building bike lanes,” said Meggs.

“It would be good if (money) was spent in a consistent way so that cyclists crossing municipal boundaries will know what to expect and what kind of signs to look for.”

Meggs’s motion on notice for tomorrow’s council meeting calls for Vancouver to co-operate with other municipalities and approach the province through the Union of B.C. Municipalities.

It would aim to create a best practices guide for municipalities and consult about amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act and provincewide enforcement standards. It also calls for the development of safe cycling links between communities.

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