Some came on two wheels, some on one, some on low-riding bikes pedalled by hand, to the second annual Bikefest at LeBreton Flats on yesterday.

LeBreton’s proximity to bike trails, and the Ottawa River Parkway, which was closed to vehicular traffic yesterday for Sunday Bikedays, all helped attract more cyclists, said Bikefest co-ordinator Nicki Mosley. An estimated 500 people attended.

“Our hope here is to continue expanding this event and getting more folks on board and involved and engaged in the cycling community in many different ways,” she said.

Attractions included a safety skills course for kids, an obstacle course competition for unicycles, and free bike repair clinics.

The variety of exhibitors at the free event, Mosley said, reflects the diversity of the cycling community in Ottawa.

“It’s a fantastic city for cycling,” she said. “And the fact that they have these Sunday Bikedays, where they actually close down a major parkway to allow people to access the city in a fun and recreational way, is fantastic.”

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