Miley Cyrus was lectured by her church pastor for sending text messages to her boyfriend, reports.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana star and model Justin Gaston, 20, reportedly infuriated the minister by communicating through their mobile phones during a service at their place of worship in Montrose, California.

The pastor was said to be so upset he took them both aside to speak about their behaviour. A source told America’s Star magazine: “They thought they could fool people, but Miley couldn’t stop giggling.”

Despite the age difference between Miley and Justin, the singer-and-actress says her family approve of their relationship because the underwear model is “a good Christian guy.”

Miley said: “Our families are like, ‘Whatever happens, happens.’ If he’s nothing but a really good friend, that’s awesome.

“More than anything, he has really helped me move on from a lot of things. He’s a really great Christian guy. He’s gone through stuff, and I’ve gone through stuff, and everyone goes through that.”