60 seconds with Cathy Lanier, chief of police of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia:

Q: Unprecedented numbers are expected to fill Washington for Barack Obama’s inauguration. What kind of security challenges does this pose for you?
A: The large crowds will be the biggest problem — moving crowds in an orderly way. Of course, terrorism is an element we’re on the lookout for as well.

Q: After Obama’s inauguration, we’ll have our first black president in office. Do you expect to deal with increased threats against him?
A: I really don’t think so. The police and the FBI deal with threats (against a president) all the time. There are always threats that go on just because it’s the president.


Q: But how will Obama compare to past presidents? Do you think he’s in more danger because of who he is?
A: Well, obviously we’re in different times. But it’s really up and down with every president. Anytime that a decision a president makes is unpopular, we have to deal with people who are protesting and who may want to hurt the president.

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