D.C.'s police chief talks security under Obama

D.C.'s chief of police Cathy Lanier discusses the challenges of policing D.C. during Obama's inauguration and during his presidency.


60 seconds with Cathy Lanier, chief of police of the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia:


Q: Unprecedented numbers are expected to fill Washington for Barack Obama’s inauguration. What kind of security challenges does this pose for you?
A: The large crowds will be the biggest problem — moving crowds in an orderly way. Of course, terrorism is an element we’re on the lookout for as well.


Q: After Obama’s inauguration, we’ll have our first black president in office. Do you expect to deal with increased threats against him?
A: I really don’t think so. The police and the FBI deal with threats (against a president) all the time. There are always threats that go on just because it’s the president.


Q: But how will Obama compare to past presidents? Do you think he’s in more danger because of who he is?
A: Well, obviously we’re in different times. But it’s really up and down with every president. Anytime that a decision a president makes is unpopular, we have to deal with people who are protesting and who may want to hurt the president.

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