A 22-year-old Vancouver man inadvertently stabbed himself with a knife in his pocket while allegedly trying to rob a doughnut and fast-food restaurant early Thursday morning.

Police arrived at the shop at 2 a.m. after a customer reported a robbery. They found the intoxicated suspect on the floor with a wound to his abdomen.

Police recovered a large butcher knife while taking the man into custody and concluded the suspect had fallen on the weapon.

He was taken to hospital for treatment and was then transferred to the Vancouver jail, where he is facing robbery charges.

The man had been making late-night visits to the shop several times a week over the past couple of months, said restaurant manager Paula Chhuon.

He’s known to employees for allegedly stealing energy drinks, fruit and other items.

“We gave him a piece of chicken and hoped he’d go away, but he started stealing (beverages),” Chhuon alleged regarding the man’s stop at the restaurant early Thursday. “And that’s when he fell on his own knife.”